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Myanmar’s conflict: 191 reported killed in clashes within two days

Yangon (Chindwin) : Hundreds of Myanmar’s regime army have been reported killed in clashes within four days in the western, northwest and southeast of the country, as fighting between the military regime army and civilian defense forces and ethnic armed groups continues. 

A total of 122 junta soldiers were killed on 07 November while 44 were today in clashes, with further numbers to be revealed as Zoland – PDF in Tedim Township, Chin State and Hakha, Chin State could not provide an update on the number of casualties in today’s skirmishes. 

On 07 November, the largest casualties for Myanmar military regime has occurred in Kawlin battle in Sagaing region with its 50 soldiers killed, 28 in Mindat, Chin State, 18 in Pale, Sagaing region, 10 in GanGaw, Magway region and other small casualties across different areas. 

On 08 November, 34 regime soldiers were killed in a series of landmine attacks in Pale – Gangaw road in Pale Township, 20 soldiers killed in an attack carried out by a joint force of Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and Katha – People Defense Force (PDF) in Katha Township in Sagaing region, and 10 killed in Mindat Township, Chin State, five in Gangaw in Magway region.

With the total of 191 junta soldiers being killed in the last two days from 07 November to 08 November – which is by far the largest ever inflicted upon the military regime since the coup, the number of last four days’ casualties are now 352 in total.

The conflict has been raging for 10 months, pushing hundreds of thousands of people into massive displacement and conditions of extreme difficulty. 

The military regime has cut off all communication access for 25 townships, including the internet access in an attempt to stomp out Chinland Defense Forces in Chin State, People Defense Forces in Magway, Sagaing regions and Karenni [Kayah State] – both of them are civilian forces. 

Most of the civilian defense forces have had military training under the ethnic armed groups such as Chin National Army (CNA), Karen National Union (KNU), Kachin Independence Army (KIA). 

The shoot-outs in Yangon – the commercial capital in Myanmar yesterday show the war has reached large cities and no place is safe, signalling armed conflict can occur anytime. 

The military coup d’état in February has plunged the Southeast nation into an all-out war, declining the economy to a nearly-collapse and making the education and health system unable to function, whereas the nation’s key administrative department has been paralysed with hundreds of its offices remaining closed in many places across the country. 

It is learned that the entire 33 Htee Lin township educational staff members have resigned since 04 November, which is a blow to the military council as extra efforts have been made to reopen the school.


  1. What is the total levels of junta forces killed so far since Feb 1 by EAO/PDF?

    How can NUG inform lower level soldiers in MAF more effectively on what is actually happening so they can defect or Join CDM?


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