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Myanmar’s coup leader plays religion card at full force, while the coup leader’s divide-and-conquer strategy targets the religious groups

  • Since British era, Myanmar’s army known as Tatmadaw retained divide-and-conquer policy towards the ethnic armed groups 
  • The Tatmadaw has been using the divide-and-conquer strategy over the ethnic armed groups for more than sixty years
  • Currently, the divide-and-conquer over religion has been at full display
  • Earlier, the coup leader organized a meeting with all religious leaders in Yangon on 06 December, in which Hindu leaders have been widely critized online 

Yangon – While many Christian Churches in Chin State and Kayah State are bombed and destroyed by Myanmar’s military junta in efforts to suppress the civilian defense forces also called as rebellion forces across the country, the coup leader has met with the Catholic Archbishop of Yangon -Kennedy Charles Bo who is a well-known public figure. 

ICJM (Independent Catholics for Justice in Myanmar) has issued a statement over the meeting between Archbishop of Yangon Cardinal Kennedy Charles Bo and the military coup leader Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in Yangon yesterday, 23 December. 

The statement issued by Independent Catholics for Justice in Myanmar condemns the meeting and claims this is an individual act – not representing the entire community of Catholic in the country.

Pictures of smiling Charles Bo and the coup leader are trending on social media today and receiving strong backlash and condemnation from Christian communities, including his own denomination Catholic in the country, with many comparing the Archbishop with the Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus Christ according to Christian Bible. 

Many Christian expressed their disappointment over the occasion of this meeting online and many view this is an insult towards thousands of IDPs and refugees whose houses and properties have been destroyed by the junta leader.

ICJM condemned the acts of the Archbishop, and it is clearly against the will of the majority of the Catholic community in Myanmar and not representing the Catholic denomination, adding this act is an insult to those who are facing their Churches bombed and destroyed by the illegal military coup leader. 

Another source, who knows the matter, reveals that the meeting had occurred as the coup leader wanted to meet the Archbishop of Yangon and the Archbishop accepted the coup leader’s request. 

The donation presentation was on air by the military’s propaganda MRTV and published on the front page of The Mirror Daily – a military’s propaganda newspaper. 

During the donation presentation, it is seen that the junta leader has donated Myanmar’s currency, Kyats 20,00,0000, which is equivalent to nearly USD 18,000 at current market value. 

Chindwin has learned that Charles Bo also had a private meeting with Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in Yangon, which reportedly lasted 45 minutes. During the meeting, it is learned that the Archbishop has delivered a message of encouraging the coup leader to do better for those internally displaced and their villages and towns destroyed by the military and especially to make efforts of real peace in the country.


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