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Myanmar’s detained actress wins at International Film Fest

  • Eaindra Kyaw Zin is a famous and much-loved actress in Myanmar and a multi-award winner of the Myanmar Motion Picture Academy. 
  • The military junta arrested Mrs Eaindra along with her husband Pyay Ti Oo, who is also a well-known actor, in April for their active participation in the anti-dictator movement. 
  • Little access is given to the detained family so far. 

From the dark of the most notorious prison yet, Myanmar actress Eaindra Kyaw Zin wins the world premier Award for best performance from the film “What happened to the wolf?” at Oldenburg International Festival held yesterday in Germany.

This is the first time Myanmar actress won the international premiere Award, nevertheless, she could not attend the festival in person to receive the Best Performance Award. 

Mrs Eaindra was one of main performers at the film, starring along with Piang Phyo Thu whose husband is director of the film Na Gyi, and all of the crew and cast in the film are currently in hiding, on the run from the military junta who took power from the people in Feb. 

Together with her husband Pyay Ti Oo, who is also a famous actor, Mrs Eaindra was arrested because of their political activism and advocacy to return power to the people. 

The couple has two children. The military junta threatened to harm the family while the couple were in hiding, forcibly came out of their hiding to protect the family and faced arrest. Currently, they are detained at Insein prison in Yangon. 

The film is known as “what happened to the wolf?” is a touching melodrama about a gay couple who met at a hospital for the terminally ill. The LGBT issue is still very radical in the culturally conservative country with no legal protection for those in the community.

Eaindra Kyaw Zing
A gay couple scene at the film. Photo via Official Facebook page of What happened to the Wolf?.

The 44 year-old detained actress won Seymour Cassel Award for best performance in “What Happened to the Wolf?” directed by Na Gyi, in Oldenburg International Film Festival, Germany 2021. 

Mrs Eaindra and her husband, a well-known actor in Myanmar, were arrested in April 

Actress Eaindra Kyaw Zin has two awards so far from the Myanmar Motion Picture Academy under her belt.

Since April, the military junta has detained the actress and her husband by accusing them of violating the infamous Section 505. 

Deborah Kara Unger, a Canadian and Award presenter and the Advisory Board Jury member, broke in tears as she announced the Award, hoping that this reaches her. 

The director of “What Happened to The Wolf?” Na Gyi and his wife Paing Phyo Thu (co-actor), are hiding as they are in military junta’s wanted list, alongside many other Myanmar artists and social media influencers.

While some are hiding on the run to avoid the charges and brutal assaults, many other artists remain detained by the military junta under Section 505. 


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