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Myanmar’s junta faces big losses again in Northern Shan State

Yangon – Despite deploying six battalions with more than 500 military personnel in an offensive against the northern Kokang army, Myanmar’s junta army has faced big losses again in the northern Shan State, with nearly 100 of its soldiers were killed in a day-long battle and massive weapons lost at the hands of its enemy. 

Myanmar’s military council troops has launched offensive to capture of the Man Yan base camp of Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) which is also called as the Kokang army, with a three-pronged attack in Phang Nga within a special area (no. 1) of Monekoe district in Northern Shan State, on 19 December.

In the attack, Myanmar’s junta has reportedly conducted airstrike and shelled more than 1500 rounds of heavy artillery against the ethnic armed group, according to the Kokong – a local news outlet based in the Kokang area. 

More than 500 personnel from battalion 15, 59, 79, 113 under brigade 99 and battalion 313 under the notorious brigade 77 have been deployed in the attack against the ethnic armed group by Myanmar’s junta army. 

It is reported that many bodies of junta soldiers are left behind, forcing the junta forces to retreat and leave the battlefield when the Kokang army has started conducting clearance operation. 

Fighting is reported to have continued throughout the whole day, resulting in the deaths of nearly 100 casualties of the junta forces, and additionally 3 soldiers out of 83 are claimed dead while transporting to Monekoe Town. 


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