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Myanmar’s junta regime burns over 200 civilian houses in 4 days in the country’s northwest region 

A total 674 houses have been burned to the ground in the junta regime's military operation in a single township within Sagaing region since November - last month.

CHINDWIN: The never-ceasing military operations in the country’s northwest region between 4 – 8 December has resulted in burning down more than 200 civilian houses in Tigyiang township of Sagaging region in Myanmar. 

Tigyiang Township Administration, under the leaderhship of National Unity Government (NUG), said the junta regime opened three fronts in its military operations against the township since 25 November last month. 

As of 09 December from November last month, the local Township Administration team collected a comprehensive data, confirming that a total of 674 houses from 18 villages in the Tigyiang township.

The affected villages of the junta regime’s extreme arson attack are: 

  1. Shwechaung village – 35 houses on 05 December 
  2. Pekhin village – 15 houses on 05 December 
  3. Botaekung village – 15 houses on 06 December 
  4. Innting village – 9 houses on 07 December 
  5. Laythar village – 9 houses on 07 December 
  6. Aungtharkung village – 7 houses on 7 December 
  7. Zitaung (west) – 36 houses on 7 December 
  8. Zitawng (east) – 80 houses on 7 December 
  9. Paukkung village – 11 houses on 7 December 
  10. Pinsuh village – 5 houses on 8 December 2022

On 03 December, the township had faced one of the darkest moments as the junta army burned 417 houses across several villages. 

15 houses were burned to the ground in Thayatchaung village in the same township on 11 November. 

In total, there are 674 houses burned to the ground, leaving thousands homeless in the junta regime’s targeted arson attack in the 18 villages in the country’s northwest – which is one of the severe regions impacted by the junta region’s barbaric onslaught. 

The NUG-led local Township Administration also said that an 87-year-old woman was killed and half-buried. Also, Mr Sein Maung was arrested and brutally while he was one way to help the recently displaced people in the region. 

The regime’s arson attack of 18 villages has left thousands homeless, with thousands remaining in the jungle as they fear to return to village because of the junta regime’s barbaric onslaught in the region.


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