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Myanmar’s junta regime sentences nine medical staff members to 12 years jail term in Sagaging region

The junta regime's targeted punishment is revealed as the nine women medical staff members of local anti-junta armed resistance were sentenced to 12 years each in jail amid the junta regime's recent prison pardon.

(CHINDWIN): Nine women, arrested in November 2021 during the junta regime’s heavy onslaught against People Defense Force – Kalay, are reported to have been handed down today to 12 years imprisonment in the Kalay military prison court in Sagaing region of Myanmar.

Some of their friends were killed in the junta regime army’s operation in November last year, while these nine women remain locked in the military’s prison cells.

The victims are Zam Zo Zam, Man Lwin Dim, Niang Don Cin, Malsawm Dongi, Lal Tan Luaii, Lal Lun Sangi, Lal Mon Kimi, Van Ruati, and Lal Van Pari – all of whom are ethnic Chin people.

A former prisoner recently released in the prisoner amnesty revealed to local residents in Kalaymyo that the nine women were sentenced to 12 years in jail a couple of months ago.

Chindwin learns that the junta regime laid the charges against these women under Section 505 (A, B, C), Anti-Terrorism Acts and Natural Disaster Management Law.

Despite the junta regime releasing nearly 6,000 prisoners, the ethnic Chin women were not among those granted amnesty last week.

Following the nationwide revolt against the junta regime after the coup, the junta regime has arrested 16,432 people, of which 34,34 are women, according to a report released by the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC).

Three hundred eight women and girls were among 23,27 people slaughtered by the junta regime, the NUCC’s report added on 27 November.


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