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Myanmar’s military junta pilot killed after a Fighter jet crashes in Sagaing Region

A pilot of Myanmar’s military fighter jet ‘Nanchang A-5C Fantan’ that has crashed in Yae Myat Gyi Lake has been reportedly killed this morning, February 16.

The fighter jet crashed at Yae Myat Gyi Lake located in Sagaing township at around 11 am today killing the pilot.

The remains of the pilot’s customs and parts of the fighter jet have been recovered by a rescued team, a local source reported.

According to the military’s source (MRTV), the fighter jet crashed due to a technical failure.

However, Chindwin has been unable to verify the cause of the incident. 

A remain of the pilot who was killed in the crash/ Photo via Khit Thit Media

“A fighter jet crashed into Yae Myat Gyi Lake at around 11 this morning. I heard the sound of three explosions but could not see anything as the explosion occurred in the middle of the lake,” said a local who witnessed the incident.

The pilot who was killed in the crash was identified as Captain Hein Htet Aung. According to Operation Spitfire, Captain Hein Htet Aung has been on one of the top lists responsible for multiple airstrikes and killings of civilians.

Myanmar’s military junta has regularly carried out airstrikes while battling resistance fighters “People’s Defence Force” that have sprung up to fight the military council across the country following Myanmar’s military staged a coup d’état in February 2021.


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