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Myanmar’s military junta takes a sweeping crackdown on journalists

  • After a video record about brutal killing of four young people has gone viral on social media, the military junta is rampant, critically searching for journalists.  
  • The military’s propaganda’s media put the blame on the youths. 
  • Nearly a hundred journalists are arrested and currently detained in Innsein prison and other locations according to the Committee to Protect journalists. 

Yangon (Chindwin): After brutally killing four young people on Yangon’s main road, the military junta goes on the hunt for the journalists who reveal the video records of their indiscriminate killing. 

Two days ago, a short video clip went viral across social media through a news media outlet called the Khit Thit Media in the country. In the video, State Administrative Council’s military soldiers were brutally shooting at four young people, and kicking at the injured bodies, probably already dead. 

The media outlet reveals detailed accounts of those murdered, confirming that the military dragged the four youth from the apartment and brutally killed them at 1:30 AM local time on 25 Sept. 

Doctor Zin Lin via his social media.

One of them was identified as Dr Zin Lin and another as Ma Khin Khin Kyway, a nurse who once worked for a 500-bedded hospital in Yangon. Both of them joined the Civil Disobedience Movement following the military coup on 01 Feb. 

All four of them killed in the night have been reportedly involved in protests and movements against the military coup. They were shot dead near the Myaynigone flyover. The military soldiers shot them dead and kicked their bodies. 

Dr Zin Lin left behind just a months-old baby girl. Both Dr Zin and Ma Khin Khin were known to have been volunteering in the Covid-19 prevention movement since July. 

In an attempt to cover their crime, the military junta-own media reported that the security forces had to shoot the youth as they started shooting at them. The military propaganda’s media also said that the exchange of shootings resulted in the death of one woman and three men, plus the death of three security forces and several injuries. 

However, according to the video, there was no exchange of shooting. Instead, the soldiers were dragging young people out of the apartment and killed them on the street. 

Now the SAC is looking for the source of the video that uncovers their crimes and lies. 

It was reported that the SAC’s security forces have been raiding one flat after another in the surrounding area where they murdered four people in search of the hideouts of the journalists who work for Khit Thit Media. 

The military has revoked the licenses of many news outlets after the coup. Since then, news reporting has been highly scrutinized while journalists are on the radar of their target.


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