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NUG reaps diplomatic success as EU-Parliament issues a resolution in support of CRPH and NUG recognising as representatives of the people of Myanmar

The European Parliament has issued a resolution on the human rights situation in Myanmar, including the situation of religious and ethnic groups on 6 October. 

The resolution covers a range of human rights issues, including the immediate and unconditional release of President Win Myint, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and all political prisoners, support for the people’s struggle for democracy, freedom and human rights, and support for the CRPH and the NUG as the only legitimate representative of the people of Myanmar. 

The resolution further calls for immediate humanitarian access to and assistance for vulnerable communities, including women, children, and ethnic minorities, and for the empowerment of civil society organizations and ethnic community-based organizations, to ensure that humanitarian aid effectively reaches those in need.

Also, the European Parliament, in its resolution, condemns the persecution of Christians in Myanmar, urging the Tatmadaw to stop killing and arresting Christians and to end the shelling and raiding of churches. 

The European Parliament has previously issued a resolution on 11 February, condemning the military’s coup, calling the Myanmar military also known as the Tatmadaw to fully respect the outcome of democratic elections of November 2020, and the immediate release of all political prisoners. 

The French Senate, on 1 October, similarly has adopted a resolution to recognize NUG as the only legitimate government of Myanmar. 


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