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Recent fighting forces a 111-year-old fleeing his native village and becomes an oldest IDP in Myanmar

Yangon –  The civil war has brought grave consequences with the cost of great perils in Myanmar. Over 400,000 have become internally displaced persons facing a magnitude of difficulty in places where IDPs are seeking shelter in jungles, villages, and towns. 

The number keeps increasing day after day as war is happening across the country, with no sight of decreasing the conflict at the current stage. 

On 08 January, the junta army’s shelling of heavy weapons has pounded several villages of Lay Kay Kaw areas, sending new wave of an exodus of IDPs afresh in which a 111-year-old grandmother is among hundreds being forced to flee their villages in seek of safer places for shelter.  

Chindwin has learned the grandmother’s nephew carried her on his back until the family got to a truck that helped transport villagers fleeing out of the village. 

Chindwin is told the name of the old lady is Saw Hlah from Ler Htu Poe village in the village tract of Lay Kay Kaw area of Myawaddy district in Karen State.

After three days of being far away from her home, the oldest person in the village is not in a good situation as she is not eating well because she worries a lot for her daughter, aged 70, who has a hearing problem with her son-in-law suffering from a stroke – both left at the village, according to KLO FM – Infotainment. 

Due to the continued artillery shelling, 11 civilians were injured, and a farmer was killed on 08 January 2022. 

Hundreds of thousands have their homes to nearby safe areas to seek shelters across Myanmar, with more than 20,000 crossing the border into Thailand and India to seek international protection. 

Hundreds of thousands of people flee their towns in Kayah, Karen, Sagaing, Magway and Chin, creating a new wave of a massive movement of internally displaced persons (IDPs). 

According to the locals report from Kayah, Karen, Chin, Sagaing, and Magway, only a little of international humanitarian assistance goes to a few places – thanks to the military regime that prohibits all international agencies from delivering humanitarian aid.


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