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REPORT: Scores reported killed in Mutraw District of Karen State

Yangon – A monthly war report has been released by Mutraw district of Karen National Union (KNU) under the command of KNU/KNLA (Karen National Liberation Army) Brigade 5, revealing details of the number of clashes, casualties and damage. 

A total of 194 Myanmar junta soldiers were killed, and 201, two battalion commanding officers, one company commander, second deputy commander, and lance corporal were injured out of 322 clashes between KNU/KNLA Brigade 5 Myanmar junta army along with Karen Border Guard Force (BGF). 

20 trucks, 4 horse carts used by the junta for transporting the weapons and an excavator have been destroyed. 

The Myanmar junta army has shelled 182 rounds of heavy artillery towards where civilians are dwelling and conducted airstrikes, dropping 14 bombs

The massive clashes assisted by airstrike and the bombardment of heavy weapon on the ground last month have resulted in the death of 5 civilians and injuring 18 civilians, the report included. 

A soldier of KNLA is on target in a battle in Bilin Township, Mon State on 11 January 2022.

The report only covers for what had happened during the month of January 2022 in the Mutraw district of Karen State.


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