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Russia sends heavy arsenal, weapons, and ammunitions to Myanmar military junta; Source

Yangon – 23 armoured tanks, massive ammunition, weapons full of large seven containers – all of which are believed to be weighing over 282 tons – were sent to Myanmar military junta by Russia using Captain Yakubovich (AZSCO) ship on 24 January 2022. 

The Russian ship identified as AZSCO was docked at MITT port in Tilawa seaport located in Thanlyin Township of Yangon region on 24 January 2022. 

MITT port is one of the Tilawa seaports and known as Hutchison Port Myanmar (MITT), and it is not a regular terminal port for international import ships. 

This is the seaport identified as MITT port where Russian vessel delivers massive military arsenal to Myanmar military junta, on 24 January 2022.

Source from inside Naypyidaw military bases have confirmed the report to Khit Thit media, saying that the Captain Yakubovich ship docked at Tilawa port in MITT at night and the Myanmar military has immediately transported all packages at night.  

Khit Thit reports that the Russian ship has also straightway departed from the Talawa port after all the military arsenal have been delivered in Yangon Township on 24 January 2022. 

The port authority has to check the registration and import and export form when the international ship arrives in the terminal port in a normal circumstance. 

However, Myanmar military junta acts above the law and does whatever they want. 

The source also added that Asia World port in Yangon and other ports had been used to transport air defence technology materials in the past.

Khit Thit media has reported this, a local news agency and gives Chindwin permission to cover on the report.


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