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HomeWorldRussia to continue Ukraine operation until goals achieved, says minister

Russia to continue Ukraine operation until goals achieved, says minister

“Our main goal is to protect Russia from military threats created by Western countries that try to use Ukrainian people to fight against our country. The Russian army is not occupying Ukraine’s territory and takes all the necessary measures to save lives and ensure the safety of civilians. I want to stress that our strikes are being launched only at military facilities and using exclusively precision-guided weapons.”

Russia will continue its military operation in Ukraine until it achieves its goals, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said, the Interfax news agency reported on Tuesday, 01 March.

Shoigu said Moscow’s main goal was protecting itself from threats created by the West and said Russia was not occupying Ukraine’s territory.

Russian Defence ministry released a video on Tuesday showing servicemembers with blurred face aboard military helicopters. In the accompanying statement, the ministry said it was army air force taking part in the special military operation without specifying where or when the footage was filmed. 

Russia calls its actions in Ukraine a “special operation” to destroy its neighbour’s military capabilities and capture what it regards as dangerous nationalists. It denies targeting civilians.

Russia’s invasion, launched last week, has failed to achieve the decisive early gains that Putin would have hoped for. Ceasefire talks held Monday failed to reach a breakthrough.

Story by Reuters 


  1. This article is utter garbage. It is the Russians who are the aggressors. They are committing genocide against the people of the Ukraine. They are using cruise missiles, cluster bombs and vacuum bombs indiscriminately on civilians. They are trying to destroy the country. Is this in the name of the Russian people? No, it’s because Putin is a dinosaur politician and despotic maniac. Don’t believe the garbage the Russian fake news machine is pumping out. They are war criminals and the whole world is against them now. Even China hasn’t supported them.


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