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So brave, so determined until the last breath

12 September

Yangon (Chindwin): The innocent two civilian young men daringly posting their three-fingers salute and shouting “the revolution must prevail” at the last breath before being shot to death has been a hit for Myanmar and broadly trending on social media. The three-finger salute symbolises Spring Revolution currently used in Myanmar and stems from The Hunger Games movies.

The brave two young men were seen hand-tied with the robe as the junta’s soldier sitting beside them and holding the robe. This has been shocking for many, but moving the nation.

Chindwin learned, before they were killed, that they were asked and granted to say their best wishes at the last breath, and these brave two young men chose unhesitatingly and said “Let the revolution prevail”.

A further investigation by Rise News reveals that the photo of the two young men are from the Kayaw village at six mile area in Karenni State, and one is named Phidel, aged 17 and Pakuat Le aged 18. They are not part of Karenni People Defense Force. They were arrested when entered the village to buy grocery by the State Administrative Council’s army based in Demosu township. The military active in the area is identified as  LID 102 (Light Infantry Division), which is called Khahlahyah in Burmese.

At the base currently deployed by LID 102, the commander of LIB (Light Infantry Battalion) 66 is responsible for the area commanding operation. Those responsible for committing this crime are said to be from LIB 14, which operates under the command of LIB 66.

Chindwin contacted Karenni community leader regarding this matter and it is confirmed that this trending news is true. 

On 11 Sept, the military junta mercilessly killed more than 20 villagers at Talin – Minta village in the township of Kankaw located on the border between Sagaing and Magwe division, accusing the villagers of being members of local People Defense Forces militias. Of those killed by the military junta, seven are under 18, and the others included a teacher in the village.

In July, 15 decomposing bodies were discovered in the jungles close to Yin and Kone Thar villages in Kani Township, Sagaing division, after the fighting raged between the SAC security forces and the People Defense Forces militias.


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