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The brutal torture, killing and human rights violation at Myanmar’s most notorious prison; Source

Yangon – Thousands of political activists who are rejecting the military coup are forcibly arrested and sent to one of the worst prisons in the world – Myanmar’s Insein prison following the February 01 coup. 

Innsein prison is known in Myanmar as a hellish netherworld of torture, corruption and abysmal living conditions and it is where political prisoners are languished in solitary confinement – very much designed for dogs. 

In the line of block 1 to 3, 81 out of 89 are handcuffed together in a pair and put in the dark cells, which are closed and packed with six inmates although it is designed for a single inmate room. 

Since news has broken in the Insein prison about the Silent Strike to be observed nationwide, the democracy-loving prisoners could no longer control their mood for singing revolutionary song. Started in the morning, a group of 89 had sung the Spring revolutionary song from morning to the late afternoon on 10 December. 

“Head of the prison administration came to the block asking the group who the leader was. When no one answered his question, the prison staff beat every one of inmate group using electrical wire and wooden baton. Than Zaw, who is referred as head of the prison administration, is the cruellest in beating up my friends”, said our source. 

Due to the extreme beating, Zaw Thet Naing (aka) Sit Naing was left unconscious. Similarly, Ko Aye Aung, Aung Bung Maw were among those being tortured so badly afterwards.

Also, Mr Khin Maung Kyaw was repeatedly beaten up on his back when he was brought to appear court in the prison. The wounded sustained by their inhumane beating felt so painful that he did not want anybody touching his body. 

Female inmates were forced to be checked and their inner private touched although it was not strip-searched. Even the judge could not do anything about this and he himself was told to sit down by the lawyers and the judge could only say to the female inmates that they need to behave good and following what has been asked to do so. 

Prior to the event on 10 December, an unidentified inmate was killed when fighting at the cell broke out with Kyi Lin’s group. Our source says that it is difficult to identify the person who killed that inmate, not sure whether Kyi Lin’s group or the prison staff members at this point in time. 

On 17 November, Kyi Lin and Aung Win Saw had a bit of an argument with Yar Kut Bai, who was sentenced to 63 years jail term after being accused of organising explosive bombs on three accounts. 

Kyi Lin and his group beat Mr Yar Kut Bai a lot and brought him to the office room of warden where he was beaten again so badly of which there was a lot of blood bleeding from his head. The next day he was taken out and a group in which three other inmates picked up by Director of the prison administration and five of prison staff including its director punched him, beat him and dragged him off to the interrogation room where he had no longer breath. 

Mr Yar Kut Bai was brutally killed at the sight of other inmates on 18 November. The victim’s family was informed the next day to pick his body up on 19 November. 

The notorious Insein prison is originally built for the capacity of 5,000. However, the current population of inmates are believed to be between 14,000 to 15,000. The building has multiple storey buildings and big five blocks that have 11 halls each, with more than 200 inmates put together in one hall. There are other seperate buildings in the compound.


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