Thursday, May 9, 2024
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The first woman arrested in Rakhine for joining CDM

Yangon – This woman has bravely decided to join civil disobedience movement (CDM) while thousands are hindered to do the chore by the directive of the Arakan Army (AA) – thanks to its huge influence on the people of Rakhine – not encouraging the Arakanese to take part in the anti-junta resistance movement against the junta. 

Like hundreds and thousands across the country, a high school teacher, Daw Cherry Thet Shay, has drawn a visit of the military council’s security forces and allegedly arrested for joining the civil disobedience movement in Rakhine. 

She becomes the first woman arrested by the military council in the entire coastal state for taking part in the anti-coup resistance movement. 

Cherry Thet Shay is the teacher at No. 2 High School teaching high school classes and has been working as a teacher for the last 40 years. 

The military council’s security forces came to her house this morning at Kanpine block, Taungkote town, Rakhine and taken away, which the local police station and block administrator say they are not aware of the matter to Narinjara media. 

Despite the denial of the local authorities, the locals are saying that the police, including the block administrative team, are involved in the force arresting the Cherry Thet Shay this morning. 

Rakhine is the quietest state in Myanmar, not only participating in the civil disobedience movement but also not doing the same with other states and regions in the boycott campaign of not going to school and not opening up schools. 

Instead, the entire school at Rakhine is opening and students are fully going to schools, while hundreds and thousands of students are fleeing the war, becoming internally displaced and refugees in other countries.  

Our source, who requests anonymity, at National Unity Government said of Arakan Army that the AA is weighing over the current situation and they might come to the people’s side if NUG is only in a position to topple the military.


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