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The junta army’s airstrike killed 9 people, including 4 children and arrested 20 people in Depeyin region of Saging region in Myanmar

17 September 2022

The military junta’s airstrike against IDPs school killed 9 people, including 4 children, on 16 September, as the junta army deployed three attack helicopters to launch an airstrike against children who are attending school in Depeyin village of Sagaing region in northwest Myanmar.

The IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) children were having informal education in the Buddhist monastery building in Letyat village of Depeyin township in Sagaing region when the junta’s three helicopters launched an aerial assault against civilians.

9 were confirmed killed and 22 people were injured, with the buildings badly damaged.

According to locals quoted by Mandalay Free Press, the junta army thought that there were People Defense Forces present in the monastery building and carried out a targeted strike against this monastery which is used as a school ground for the IDPs children.

Around 20 people, including three volunteer teachers and children, were arrested during the junta army’s operation against the village and they were used as human shields.

The junta army’s ground forces have left to Ye-U region.


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