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The junta attempts to force vaccinating children under 12 inside its military base in Myanmar: Source

Yangon – Amid the country being left extremely behind its COVID vaccine battle standing at a 28% rate of its double vaccine and the intensifying civil war, Myanmar’s junta military council is pushing to forcibly vaccinate the children under 12 in one of the military bases within the Sagaing region, according to our source inside the military base. 

Myanmar primarily receives the covid vaccines from India and China as the two neighbours are the most prominent donors of the vaccines in the country’s battle against the COVID-19. 

India’s vaccine is known as Covishield is not ready for the vaccination of children under 12, while India is targeting to vaccinate children aged between 15 – 17, according to Tribune India. 

Although China’s two main vaccines – Sinovac and Sinopharm have been approved for use in children from aged 3 to 12 by Chinese authority, there is little report of the two products being used for children below 12 in the southeast Asia countries. 

Our source tells Chindwin that families are not explained about why their children should be vaccinated while parents are afraid of the vaccine products from China, adding huge woes and anxiety among the military families in the bases – whose well-being has been already negatively impacted by the coup and subsequently the  ongoing war. 

When asked whether the vaccines are from Chinese products or Indian products, the source does not know what type of vaccines as the families are not shown the vaccine type. 

It is added that both children and parents are not sure whether the junta military will administer COVID vaccine or other medicines as they are not told exactly what the junta will do. 

Whether they dislike it or not, it is certain that the junta military will forcibly roll out the vaccination for children below 12. 

The source says the children are extremely worried about the junta’s plan of vaccine rollout for children. Parents at the military base are not completely consulted over its vaccination plan for their children. 

In Yangon, Mr Steven, a synonym used to protect his identity, says, “That is likely possible, and we don’t hear anything regarding the vaccine roll-out for children under 12 in the largest city in the country. Parents should worry as the rollout of vaccination for children under 12 is not officially announced by the Ministry of Health under the military junta. The vaccine which Myanmar’s junta military is trying to vaccinate the children of military families is believed to be Sinovac or Sinopharm developed by China.


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