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The junta faces hefty loss in battles in the rugged western region of Myanmar; REPORT

Yangon – Despite launching massive military operation with a deployment of both ground troops and aerial operations, the Myanmar military junta has faced severe loss in one of the rugged regions in the country – Chin State in the first month of the year.

However, the intense fighting across the rugged state that resulted in deaths of 197 junta solider and wounding 68 comes at the cost of heavy civilian loss and injuries. 

Chinland Joint Defense Committee (CJDC) has released a monthly report on the war in the rugged region, confirming 71 clashes occurring between the Myanmar junta army and members of CJDC last month. 

The total killed is said to be exceeding the current formation of a battalion, which used to be around 250 in 2012 according to our source with the knowledge of military.

At stake, there were 13 civilians dead and 15 badly injured as people are caught in crossfire.

On the side of local armed civilian forces, 20 cadres of CJDC are killed and 20 wounded, the report states.

More than 200 residential properties are burned and destroyed by the junta army only in Thantlang Town, of which a Christian Church building and its quarter building alongside many shops are gone in the fire. 

Dozens of local armed civilian forces are operating in the tiny state of Myanmar in defiance of military rule. 

On 26 January, CJDC also said in its media statement that more than a thousand junta troops had been obliterated in one of the rugged regions in the country.


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