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The junta regime arrests over 80 Rohingyas in Mon state while en route to Malaysia

The junta regime has nabbed over 80 Rohingyas, including 30 women in Mon state of southern Myanmar, while they were heading to Malaysia as new report revealed.

(CHINDWIN): The junta regime’s police force in Mon state have nabbed 85 Rohingyas, who are described as an illegal entry of Bangali, in Kyaikhami town of Thanbyuzayat district of Mon state in southern Myanmar on 03 and 04 November.

There are 30 women reported among the arrestees in addition to nine brokers – 7 men and 2 women as all Rohingyas, according to what the junta regime claimed, are brought by the brokers to head to Malaysia.

The junta’s police have sent all arrested to the Department of Home Affairs and will face court under the violations of the Immigration Acts.

Bangali term is a discriminatory term widely used by Burmese people against the minority Rohingya people.

Local sources suggest that these Rohingyas group came to the Khaikkhami – a coastal town by boat – believed to come from northern Rakhine or Bangladesh.

In the past, the junta regime used to return many of Rohingyas arrested to northern region of Rakhine state or indefinitely detained in various prisons across Yangon, Ayewarwaddy and other regions.


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