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The junta regime forces kill ten people in one day in northwest Myanmar

Ten people from two villages in the same township were brutally killed at night as the junta regime security forces targeted the villages that supported National League for Democracy at the last election.

(CHINDWIN): Unspeakably horrendous is the term best suited to describe the horror of the junta regime troops and its Pyu Saw Htee Group (militia people) leaving the two villages in the dark as Myanmar regime security forces killed a family of eight people in Ngamyaung and two people in Nyiangkung of Kanbalu township of Sagaing region on Saturday.

Both incidents are reported to have occurred secretly at night as the junta regime soldiers and Pyu Saw Htee stormed a family of eight and killed other two villagers in other village.

A five-year-old child was among the brutally slain in Ngamyaung village as this village was targeted by the junta regime forces as the majority in the village voted for National League for Democracy (NLD) during the 2020 election, Chindwin has learned.

Five people were left stuck in the village when the junta troops stormed Nyiangkung village, and two men were killed and put their bodies inside the houses, which were set alight. Three women were stabbed and badly wounded but left in the village, local media reported.

Several houses were burned to the ground at night on Saturday after killing ten people, and six people’s bodies turned to ashes in the fire.

Chindwin learns that the junta regime has been targeting villages that most supported National League for Democracy (NLD) at the last election across the northwest region in its military operations.

The move is an avenging act of not supporting the military-backed USDP (Union Solidarity and Development Party).


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