Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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The junta shelling kills two children and injures eight people in Chin state and Kayah state; reports

The junta regime's shelling of artillery towards village and an IDP camp yesterday has killed two children and critically injured several people as the regime steps up in an assault against civilians as well as armed resistance forces across the country.

(CHINDWIN): As the junta regime is losing control over a large swathe of land in ethnic territories, the regime’s army largely depends on heavy weapons and air strikes, which have killed dozens of innocent civilians across the country.

Karenni Nationalities Defense Force says today that the junta regime shelled artillery from Deomoso town of Kayah state and the shells landed in a village located in the west of Demoso where hundreds of people are taking shelter in the IDP camp.

A four-year-old kid died at the scene, three people were critically injured while the other five were injured with no critical condition.

In the western state, the junta regime fired a barrage of artillery towards an outskirt village in Hakha at about 5:00 pm yesterday, killing a 14-year-old boy and injuring his elder brother and another man in Cawbuk of Hakha in Chin state.

Yesterday and today, the junta regime unleashes air strikes and heavy artillery against the targets deemed “used” by ethnic armed groups or various armed resistance forces in the Rakhine state and Karen state.

With the world leaders failing to implement a meaningful push to the junta regime, Myanmar’s regime shows no sign of abating its onslaught campaign against civilians and armed groups.

Instead, the regime shows that the military known as Tatmadaw is fully committed to prolonging the war in order to grasp power.


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