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The junta’s reign of terror continues in the northwest region; Myanmar

Yangon –  The carnage at Badataing village of Minmo Township in the northwest of Myanmar has proven that the Myanmar junta has deployed massacres as a weapon of war to root out the local rebellion forces. 

On 31 January 2022, locals reported the junta had killed at least 20 civilians, including a 13-year-old girl, who was reportedly raped multiple before being killed. 

The charred remains of a group of people were found on 03 February in the northwest’s township, which locals said was reportedly at the hands of Myanmar’s military junta. 

Some of the bodies, including the 13-year-old girl raped, were dismembered before being put on fire. 

Due to the continued military operation, all villagers, who fled the village, could not return to the village for the time being. 

Some of the bodies have been cut into pieces and burned – this makes it villagers hard to identify the slain. It is believed this might take and not sure who are the slain. 

This is the fourth time massacre systematically committed by the Myanmar army within the last 11 months since April 2021. 

Myanmar has been in a civil war since April 2021 following the brutal military coup on 01 February 2021, with more than 1500 people killed in a crackdown by the junta security forces and nearly a hundred being burned alive and dismembered at the hands of the Myanmar military junta.


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