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The military junta to spy on civilians

Yangon, Myanmar [29 Aug]: State Administrative Council (SAC) secretly orders Telenor and Ooredoo Group to grant permission to spy over the telephone telecommunication. And this secret letter sent to the telecommunication companies is leaked, learned the Chindwin.

The letter sent to the telecommunication companies is viewed as an order rather than a request. It is also learned that the order is sent around 12:36 pm on 29 August 2021.

Telenor Via Coconuts

Now, those familiar with the matter confirmed to the Chindwin that the phone calls made between Ooredoo to Ooredoo and Ooreddo to Telenor have direct auto message generated already, which says that the number you’ve dialed is not currently available although the phone call is in and heard the voice three times.

Likewise, the SAC has been making efforts to beef up the security crackdown on telecommunication to spy on civilians – not just the telephone call but also their social media use. People are randomly stopped checked their phones, particularly their Facebook account since March.

MPT Via Sumotomo Corporation

There are many reports circulated on social media that people are arrested due to what they allegedly posted on their social media about State Administrative Council.

The SAC recently has warned to punish those who publish and write about National Unity Government’s support on their social media.

A prominent journalist is contacted who requested her anonymity due to a security threat and asked about this matter. She comments that whatever SAC does so far only directs to the old path regarding this leaked letter. It is hard to imagine that we are now back to the old days.


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