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The ongoing war has displaced over 15,000 people in the southern Taningtharyi region of Myanmar

As the junta regime shows no sign of slowing down its military operations against anti-junta armed groups and civilians, the ongoing war in southern region has displaced over 15,000 in October alone, a new report has revealed.

(CHINDWIN): As fighting between the junta regime’s security forces and several groups of anti-junta armed forces is increasingly intensified, the number of those internally displaced across the southern region is dramatically rising.

The local documentary group known as FE5 Tanintharyi records that more than 15,000 people have been so far displaced by the ongoing war in the southern region until last month – not including the recent displacements caused by a flare-up fighting in its monthly report.

The FE5 Tanintharyi says 5,093 are internally displaced in Ye township, 1,000 in Dawei township, and 2,400 from Tayetchaung township, while Myeik district has the highest number with 7,050.

Although these people are displaced across many townships, most seek temporary shelter from their families, cousins, relatives, or friends.

Only around 3,000 are recorded as currently living in the actual IDP camp in the region.

In September, the group says around 16,000 were internally displaced as the junta regime launched constant operations in the region.

This is the only report that comes from the Taningtharyi region, where additionally tens of thousands of Karen and Mon people remain internally displaced as these regions are closely connected and share the borders.

United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres says the world has failed Myanmar, and is expressing hope that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will be able to pressure the member state to comply with its plan for peace next year during the ASEAN Summit in Cambodia on Saturday.


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