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The Scary Re-opening of School in Myanmar

Myanmar that enjoyed quasi-democracy for the last five years under the government led by the National League for Democracy has fully returned to the military rule following the coup d’état on 01 February 2021. 
The country’s economy already weakened by the COVID-19 has been reaching to a boiling point, while the education, health, banking systems are facing a nearly-collapse.

The military junta’s deadly crackdown on peaceful protesters force innocent civilians to take arms to defend themselves, with thousands heading into the jungles to side with ethnic armed groups and having military training. 
The Southeast nation has been plunged into civil war and the widespread armed conflicts across the country show no sign of de-escalation. 

So far, the ongoing war have created the influx of more than 300,000 have been internally displaced and around 30,000 have become refugees seeking international protection in neighbouring countries.

While going to school is beyond a dream for those facing their villages and towns ransacked and destroyed in Chin State, Kayah (Karenni) State and Sagaing region, Myanmar’s military is forcing to reopen school. 
Yet, many schools where areas controlled by ethnic armed groups and civilian defense forces still remain closed, whereas schools in large cities forcibly reopen. 
The scenes of reopening schools are indeed a scary reminder of real life under the military dictator.

Despite the school being closed for months, the military council is pushing to open school from Monday to Saturday and set to conduct the matriculation exam in February 2022.


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