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The United States condemns recent attacks in Chin State, Myanmar

Yangon (Chindwin) : The U.S. Department of State issues statement on the reported attacks in Chin State, Myanmar, condemning the military’s actions against the civilians.

The statement reads that the United States is very concerned by reports that Burmese security forces have committed egregious human rights violations in Chin State, including reports that they have set fire and destroyed more than 100 homes and Christian churches in Thantlang, Chin State. 

It is stated that U.S. condemns the Burmese regime’s cruel actions against people, their houses, and places of worship, which reveal the regime’s total contempt for the lives and welfare of the Burmese people and highlights the heinous crimes as the urgent need for the international community to hold the Burmese military accountable and take measures to prevent serious human rights violations, including the transfer of weapons to the military. 

The Department of State asserts concerns about the increase of military operations by Burmese security forces in various parts of the nation, particularly Chin State and the Sagaing Region, demanding that the regime end the violence immediately, release all individuals who have been wrongfully jailed, and resume Burma’s journey to inclusive democracy.

The U.S is set to push for accountability for the regime’s heinous violence against the Burmese people for which the U.S reiterates that the U.S has been and continues to be perpetuated and stand for the Burmese people and all those striving to restore Burma’s democratic path and bring the crisis to a peaceful conclusion.

Of 16 western countries that have diplomatic ties and mission offices in Myanmar, the U.S is the only country that issues statement condemning the atrocities committed in Thantlang, Chin State by the military regime in Chin State, the western Myanmar. 


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