Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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HomeSportsDomesticThree Junta soldiers die in clash with CDF-Kanpetlet

Three Junta soldiers die in clash with CDF-Kanpetlet

Chinland Defense Force – Kanpetlet (CDF-Kanpetlet) reportedly clashed with Myanmar junta soldiers in Kanpetlet, Chin State, on the afternoon of November 28.

CDF-Kanpetlet claimed the killing of three junta soldiers and injuring six others.

The fighting started at around 1:30 pm and lasted over an hour this afternoon, killing three junta soldiers, and injuring six others, according to CDF-Kanpetlet.

Tensions between Myanmar junta forces and local defense forces have risen in recent days as the junta forces suffer have casualties in recent clashes with coalition forces, including CDF-Mindat, CDF-Canpetlet, and Yaw Defense Forces (YDF) in Saw township, Magway region.


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