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Two minors among 10 civilians abducted, used as human-shield and brutally killed by Myanmar’s junta army in Chin State


  • Locals as well as Chinland Defense Force – Matupi have confirmed the death of ten abductees as of 10 January.
  • Nine bodies have been evacuated yesterday, with few bodies found brutally mutilated. 
  • The tenth body has been evacuated this morning by locals. 
  • New report says a group of eight were abducted on 06 January and the other two were abducted on 07 January. 
  • The last body identified this morning is known as an ethnic Shan national lived in Nga Lai village of Matupi Township.

Yangon – A total of ten civilians, including a 13-year-old boy from Kihlung village and a 16-year-old girl from Nga Lai in Matupi Township, were abducted on 07 January and used as a human shield and killed. A group of eight civilians were abducted near 4 miles from Kihlung village while going to a slash-and-burn cultivation farm. The other two were reportedly abducted at a location between Kihlung and Boi Thia while travelling to Matupi Boi Thia village. 

A group of eight were said to be abducted on 06 January and the other two were adbducted on 07 January 2022. 

Chindwin has extensively spoken to three locals in matters of Myanmar junta army’s abduction, confirming that a 13-year-old boy named Pa Le Nang and his cousin brother Steven aged 29 and a 16-year-old girl and Tui Dim are among the brutally slain and their bodies have been evacuated.

So far, locals can evacuate four out of 10 abductees, with two bodies being reportedly cut into pieces by the junta’s army between Kihlung village and Lung Hlaw village – a location believed to be around 20-mile distance from Matupi, according to the local. 

Locals could not verify the time of those killed but confirmed all of 10 were abducted on the same day – 10 January 2022. 

Chinland Defense Force – Matupi (CDF – Matupi) has confirmed that they are being used as human shields before being shot and killed. 

While locals are attempting to locate the other six bodies, CDF – Matupi is confidently saying the junta’s army has killed all of them, according to the intelligence received from the junta’s army. 

Hundreds of villagers are leaving their villages and running towards the villages close to India’s border as Myanmar’s junta army has recently stepped up its operation at the township. 

Local, who Chindwin has a telephone call, says Kihlung village is a 19-mile distance from Matupi, Lung Hlaw is around 25-mile distance, and Boi Thia is around 30-mile distance to Matupi. 

Meanwhile, many villagers in the aera have fled to the side of Boi Thia village.

Those killed by Myanmar’s junta army are: 

  1. Pa Le Mang aged 13 
  2. Mama pa (nick name) aged 60 
  3. Slai Tin San 
  4. Pu Tui Dim 
  5. Pu Va Htoo 
  6. Phupa Sali 
  7. Pu Lian Ngai 
  8. Slai Steven 
  9. Pu Thak Lung 
  10. Sai Za Yar Aung 


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