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Unusual military activities in Yangon – the commercial capital of Myanmar

Residents in Yangon are quite shocked to see big military aircraft taking off from Yangon International airport and flying over the city while there is very minimal commercial flight activity for civilians at the airport. 

Locals report that they have witnessed the military aircraft flying over Yangon from Mayangong township and Bayintnaung market. 

“There has been an increased frequency of military plane activities at Yangon International airport while there is very little activity for civilians,” a local resident in Yangon said to Khit Thit media. 

Other local resident also reported to Khit Thit media that four military aircrafts took off from the airport 15 minutes ago. 

Locals living in Mayangong township and Bayintnaung market witnessed the military aircraft flying and provided photos of what appeared to be flying over Yangon city to the media. 

One local at Bayintnaung market reported that the three aircraft are big and unusually flying together. 

There is frequent air traffic at the airport transporting the military equipment bought from China and Russia, according to a source quoted from inside the military by Khit Thit media.


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