About us

About Us 

The Chindwin news agency is an independent news organization founded in exile with a vision to be an inclusive and independent home of Myanmar’s diverse politics, stories, and social cultures. 

A lack of inclusive, diverse news organizations in Myanmar inspires us to come together and establish the agency. The Chindwin media is committed to building an inclusive platform for all stories, cultures, and religions and promoting a pluralistic society and democratic norms. 

Therefore, it is a private company established for the public benefit.

The Board of Directors of The Chindwin Media Company is responsible for issuing decisions, directives, and related policy and procedures. 

This agency directly challenges established narratives and gives a global audience a new perspective – bringing out the real issues ignored for more than half a century. 

Guided by the core values and code of practices, The Chindwin media is fully committed to pursuing investigative reporting. The network will closely work by partnering with local media outlets as it aims at the inclusive and diverse stories and cultures at heart. 

It’s a responsibility shared by everyone who works at The Chindwin media network, from our Board of Directors to our ground reporters in the country.  At all costs, we strive to deliver content that captivates, informs, inspires, and entertains.