Saturday, October 16, 2021

Revealed: How Zomi Revolutionary Army-Eastern Command becomes the puppet fighters of Myanmar’s military council

2 October 2021  Zomi Revolutionary Army-Eastern Command (ZRA-EC) reportedly arrested and tortured Hualngo People Defense Forces (PDF-Hualngo), newly formed resistance fighters operating in Tedim and...

Military junta to sell over ten thousand tons of timber online in coming weeks

11 September 2021 Export Marketing & Milling Department Yangon and Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) has announced to sell over 10000 tons of teak wood and...

Apple has delivered a Rose Gold Iphone

Based on what has sent to me today, #apple has delivered a rose Gold colored unit, probably a variant discarded or planned for the...

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U.S Officials to visit Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia to discuss on Myanmar

Melbourne (Chindwin): The United States said Friday a delegation from the State Department, the White House, USAID and USUN are set to travel Southeast...

Myanmar military coup leader is hit with a ban on ASEAN Summit

Melbourne (Chindwin): Much of a delight to the people of Myanmar and equally a distaste to the ears of Myanmar's military coup leaders, ASEAN has...

CNA/CDF-Matupi clashes with the junta’s troops on the highway between Matupi and Mindat

Fighting between CNA/CDF-Matupi and Myanmar junta's forces has erupted on the highway between Matupi and Mindat townships, Chin State this afternoon (Myanmar Time). “Hundreds of...