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The real life of CDMers – a life thrown into the bush for Myanmar democracy fighters

Nearly two-thirds of Myanmar's civic workers joined Civil Disobedience Movement in droves, making the regime unable to cement the administrative functions across the country. Yet, CDMers have to sacrifice their lives and family lives for the sake of opposing the military regime due to the illegal coup in February 2021.

(CHINDWIN): Since the military junta illegally deposed the democratically elected government on 01 February 2021, the Civil Disobedience Movement has been a catalyst in cementing the administrative functions of the nation.

The unexpected storm of thousands of people from across the government sectors joining the Civil Disobedience Movement is shaking the regime’s boat and making it extremely difficult to paddle the boat in the right direction.

Yangon Railroad workers joined together and protested against the junta regime in February, 2021. Photo/Old file from Internet.

According to the regime’s report from December 2022, around 500,000 civil workers remain at work while thousands are forced to return to work under threats from the regime.

This figure shows that nearly two-thirds of civil servants across all government sectors have quit in protest of the coup.

The protests by rail road workers against the junta regime were epic in the early days of the coup, resulting now in thousands of workers becoming homeless and facing indescribable hardship.

The challenges they face are lack of income and lack of donations, while homeowners refuse them the right to rent their properties.

Currently, many Yangon Railroad workers now are forced to live in the jungles in movable tents because their lives have been thrown into the bush with no hope for the future because of their opposition to the junta regime.


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