Saturday, October 16, 2021

Myanmar’s property prices have fallen to the lowest in five years

Yangon (Chindwin): Myanmar’s real estate industry has been a hard hit following the military coup d’état. Property experts are not expecting a market recovery soon...

Myanmar’s State-owned airline faces uncertainty amid the ongoing conflict in the country as its...

Myanmar’s state-owned airline with a history of more than sixty years of running the airline has now faced the skyrocketed debt, putting the airline...

Military junta to sell over ten thousand tons of timber online in coming weeks

11 September 2021 Export Marketing & Milling Department Yangon and Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) has announced to sell over 10000 tons of teak wood and...

Corruption at border check-points flourishes again

12 September Yangon (Chindwin): The corruption at border checkpoints is flourishing again as hundreds of thousands of Myanmar migrant workers return home from Thailand as...

Myanmar Stock Exchange still floated, yet investors quiet

Yangon, Myanmar :  The Yangon Exchange has been hit by a major downturn of the economy caused by the coup and was already weakened...

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U.S Officials to visit Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia to discuss on Myanmar

Melbourne (Chindwin): The United States said Friday a delegation from the State Department, the White House, USAID and USUN are set to travel Southeast...

Myanmar military coup leader is hit with a ban on ASEAN Summit

Melbourne (Chindwin): Much of a delight to the people of Myanmar and equally a distaste to the ears of Myanmar's military coup leaders, ASEAN has...

CNA/CDF-Matupi clashes with the junta’s troops on the highway between Matupi and Mindat

Fighting between CNA/CDF-Matupi and Myanmar junta's forces has erupted on the highway between Matupi and Mindat townships, Chin State this afternoon (Myanmar Time). “Hundreds of...