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Myanmar junta destroys several Christian buildings and plants bombs everywhere in Southern Chin State, making its residents fear for their lives returning homes

Yangon –  Myanmar’s junta troops have destroyed several buildings of Christian Churches and have planted landmines in the compounds of Christian Churches in the southern town of Chin State, revealed by a local, who is a well-trusted man in the town, is interviewed by Chindwin on 11 December. 

Our source has requested anonymity due to security reason.

Out of four Churches severely damaged, it is not possible to get closer to the buildings of Roman Catholic Church building and Gospel Church due to the landmines being planted by the military junta, said our source.

The junta first shelled heavy weapons against the town targeting residential properties in June and November, damaging several properties, including four Christian religious buildings. 

The home of Gospel’s Baptist Church has been completely destroyed after being shelled by a rocket-propelled grenade and small weapons, and all properties inside have been taken away before it was destroyed. 

“Not just our Churches, bombs have been planted in front of our houses and now everywhere in the town, and you know the landmine has killed Hung Awi in front of her house”, a local said. 

Our source also said, “The junta troops in the town have been transporting local properties seized after looting several homes and shouted out loud on the streets threatening residents to set alight all homes if residents do not return to the town”. 

Out of 18 Churches in the town, four have been severely damaged by the heavy weapons of the junta and the four Churches are identified as Methodist Church, Kanpetlet Baptist Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Gospel Baptist Church and Roman Catholic Church. All properties inside these Churches have reportedly been looted and taken away to their base camp,” our source has confirmed.

Our cross-check investigation has confirmed that there are just a handful of families remain in the town, with nearly almost the entire residents of nearly 11 thousands already leaving the town and, seeking shelters at nearby towns and villages, run to as far as Sagaing and Magway region. 

Despite nowhere to go and having no financial support, the residents from Kanpetlet fear facing the similar fate of Hung Awi, who was killed by a landmine in front of her house. 

Chindwin has learned that thousands from Kanpetlet seek shelters in Saw Town, Magway region and currently in need of humanitarian aid and living in limbo facing huge struggle to pay for rent and food.


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