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Myanmar military’s scary arrest-and-kill campaign rages on

Yangon – Amidst Myanmar’s military (Tatmadaw) facing the morale crisis compounded by the defection of its soldiers and police coupled with the heavy loss at the raging battles, Myanmar junta continues its terror and arrest across the country.

On 22 November, Myanmar military junta has raided the house of U Htin Win at around 2:00 pm, arresting U Htin Win and his son named Bung Myint Aung. 

The junta approached the house with three cars and raided U Htin Win’s home located at No. 54 Road in Btathaung Township, Yangon. U Htin Win and his son – Bung Myint Aung, were arrested. 

Although U Htin Win was released the same day midnight at 12:00 am, his son – Bung Myint Aung remained in custody. 

The military council informed the family the next day that Bung Myint Aung had died. The victim is well known in the community as a promising youth and smart who is studying English as a major in his university study. 

His family planned to organize a funeral at Ze Wai cemetery on 24 November. The relatives are concerned for the ailing mother of the victim. 

The junta has reportedly forced the victim’s family to have a quick burial service at Ze Wai cemetery with other peoples and friends not allowing to see the body and take a picture. 

A hand-written on the notice board about the funeral program for slain Bung Myint Aung.

The Chindwin has learned that the military junta allegedly accused the victim of being a member of the People Defense Force. 

Since March following the 01 February coup that ensued chaotic violence and crisis, Myanmar’s junta has staged the arrest-and-kill campaign, targeting the anti-coup youth activists.

This impunity campaign has claimed hundreds of lives – young, fathers and mothers to date.

Chindwin has verified this report.


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