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Myanmar’s junta launches airstrike against civilians in Gangaw Township

Yangon – Myanmar’s junta had launched airstrike against civilians at Nankha village in Gangaw Township, Magway region on 17 December, killing at least nine civilians, including two member of local people defense forces.   

The junta had used three attack-helicopters and fired dozens of aerial cannons against the civilians at village that resulted in the deaths of at least seven civilians and two members of local Peple Defense Forces. 

Locals have reported that the entire population in the village had fled the village and run into the jungle for hiding. As of 19 December, some of the locals have returned to the village and are searching for other potential casualties and believed to be more than the current findings of nine bodies.

The Gangaw Township People’s Administrative body has urged local residents in the Township to be extra-cautious, with potential the junta raiding airstrike again in the area. 

In Karenni and Karen State, Myanmar’s junta has geared up an onslaught against areas where locations deemed as hole-up location for People Defense Forces. Yet, in the junta’s attack, civilians are the hardest hit and hundreds and thousands have been brutally killed in their military operation against local rebellion forces across the country. 


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