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REPORT: Thousands of Myanmar’s junta soldiers killed in nearly 400 clashes in a month

Yangon – As Myanmar’s junta has retched up launching offensives against people defense forces across the country, with using airstrikes and dropping bombs, the local grassroots rebellions forces, especially People Defense Forces across the country, have been in the offensive against Myanmar’s junta forces (both army, police and its sponsored thug known as Pyu Saw Hti). 

While the war in Chin, Kachin, Karenni, Karen and mostly Barmar ethnic mainland areas has been raging, one clash is reported from Rakhine state, and only ethnic armed organization, namely MNDAA (Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army) has been at war with Myanmar’s junta. 

The rest of dozens of ethnic armed organizations in Shan State has been quiet, with each other fighting over the attempt to gain territory control. 

Yet, by area, there are several clashes in the towns of southern Shan State between the Myanmar junta and Karenni National Defense Forces in which none of the ethnic Shan armed groups is involved in supporting Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF).

Battles in Sagaing region have been the fiercest, with over 40,000 from four townships being internally displaced according to UNHCR, thousands have run into the jungles for hiding. 

National Unity Government’s Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration Myanmar (MOHAI) has released the current war updates on casualty reports on the junta from 07 November to 06 December. 

The report says 2117 junta soldiers were killed, and 682 were injured in 370 clashes and 141 landmine attacks, killing 2117 and wounding 682 others. 

The loss of more than 2000 soldiers is apparently equivalent to nearly 20 battalions of the current Myanmar’s military junta formation, as the current battalion has only around 120 personnel – a big dive from the last ten years of which one battalion has around 230 – 350 personnel, according to several accounts of soldier defectors. 

Myanmar’s politics observers argue that Myanmar’s army has around 540 battalions and might have lost around 30 battalions in a combined number of casualty in the battle and those who join Civil Disobedience Movement (CDMers).

A list of the ever-growing soldiers and police joining the civil disobedience movement coupled with the already more than two thousand defected is worrisomely a throbbing agony for the military top brass. 

Nevertheless, National Unity Government does not disclose the casualty of its soldiers, mostly acknowledged in Myanmar as People Defense Forces.


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