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The military junta kills civilians and some members of PDFs

Yangon (Chindwin): Myanmar military junta’s troops have stormed a Letha village today in large number, and have killed civilians, including four members of People’s Defence Force (PDF) who were protecting the villagers.

The locals told Khit Thit media based in Yangon that “Hundreds of the troops stormed the village in force. They fired heavy mortar. They killed around four civilians, as well as four members of People Defense Forces who are killed while protecting the villagers. Until now, they are still raiding the village and pursuing the villagers into the jungle and shot them. In the village, they looted properties and destroyed several properties. The situation is really bad.” 

According to the locals, the military junta is increasingly sending reinforcement for A Le Taw village, Lathah village and surrounding villages in Theechaing township.  The residents in those areas are fleeing their homes into the jungle in fear of the imminent attack by the military. 

Recently, the military council had made reshuffle within the military commands, with two Lieutenant Generals replacing Brigadier General Phyo Thant for the northern command after he is arrested and detained in unknown location on 06 October due to the alleged attempt to defect according to the Irrawaddy. 

The Northern command includes Chin State, Magway and Sagaing Division from which the military council is facing big loss in battles with Chinland Defense Forces, Chin National Army and People Defense Forces. 


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