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The military junta threatens to confiscate all properties as the junta’s assets unless IDPs return home; Myanmar

Yangon – In desperate attempts to govern and control the people of Mindat in Chin State, the junta army has called out loud across the town’s main road, telling residents at the town to return home on 27 January 2022, according to our source.

In the afternoon of 27 January 2022, the junta army has used a megaphone with a siren on a car when making verbal announcements on the main road of the town, threatening the town residents that their properties would be confiscated as the military junta’s assets if people do not fully return home by 01 February 2022. 

The junta army has also dropped leaflets telling the residents not to get connected with Chin Defence Force (CDF). 

Our source says the junta army also has threatened a few shop owners running in the war-torn town that they will be prosecuted if their shops are closed on 01 February – the day to mark the anniversary of the brutal military coup 01 February 2021. 

Since intense fighting had erupted in April 2021, more than 85% of the town population have fled the southern town of Chin State, with many running to the Magway region and others running to further remote areas within Mindat Township.


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