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The northwest is under heavy attack, villages are gone in the fire ignited by the junta and civilians brutally killed is on the rise

Yangon (Chindwin): Myanmar junta committed serious, heinous crimes against humanity for deliberately causing the hellfire that raged through 305 houses at Innpat village and a civilian brutally killed and burned in the northwest of Myanmar on 02 May 2022. 

The same day in the evening, a total of nine people who are known to have taken shelter in a Buddhist monastery in Butalin Township are shot dead at their heads. The victims include a mother who is shot dead in front of her three-year-old daughter. 

The junta forces, believed to be around 100 troops, stormed Innpat village located in Khin – U Township of Sagaing region in the middle of the day yesterday, burning more than half of the entire village 02 May 2022. 

A villager identified as Ko Naing Oo, aged 40, was shot and tied and put into the fire.

Mr Ko Naing Oo is shot dead and his body is thrown into the fire. Photo/Khin – U True Information

The Input village has more than 500 houses in total, with 305 burned to the ground, 10 cows killed, at least 20 agricultural machinery, 40 motorbikes, and so much residential furniture have been completely destroyed. 

The burning of the village has left an extreme level of destruction, causing more than 2,000 villagers to food and houses. 

The junta forces have left the village at night with three trucks in full, Khin – U True Information reported. 

Late evening at around 7:00 pm on 02 May, this time it is in a monastery where nine Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), including a mother in front of her three-year-old daughter, were shot dead in Butlin Township. 

Locals say the junta picked up the people and shot dead them at a point-blank when raiding the Buddhist monastery – a building guarded by Buddhist monks and used as a religious place for worship and meditation. 

Nine people taking shelter at Yoki monastery in the township of Butlin were shot at their heads at point-blank yesterday when the junta raided the monastery, 02 May 2022. 

The Yoki monastery is located in Butlin Township of the Sagaing region – the northwest region of Myanmar. 

At around 6:00 pm last night, the junta forces with 15 personnel raided the Yoki monastery. Around 100 civilians were taking shelter due to being displaced by the ongoing war, and shot nine of them among nearly a hundred. 

What is worse is that a mother is shot dead in front of her three-year-old daughter, a local told Myaelatt Athan. 

The junta troops are reported to have come from Depayin Township and looted 60 lakhs worth of gold, jewellery, and phones after killing nine people at the monastery.


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