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14 military council’s soldiers killed within a day at five battles

Yangon (Chindwin): Since the coup on 01 February, the military’s State Administrative Council (SAC) has prepared a total blitz against civilians and all resistance groups. Yet, every day the military council faces significant rout at nearly every battle across the country, widely losing the grip of territory control. 

Karen National Union/Karen National Liberation Army (KNU/KNLA) has claimed to have killed 14 military council’s soldiers in a single day from five different battles in Karen State and wounded at least nine others.

The information released by KNU/KNLA says that five clashes broke out yesterday between KNU/KNLA and a combined forces of Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 406 under the brigade 8 and Border Guard Force (BGF) – 2013 under brigade 2 on 14 October. 

KNU/KNLA has killed 14 soldiers from the combined forces of the military council and wounded nine others. 

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Brigade 1 intercepted the SAC’s troops returning from a joint camp of BGF and military council’s army in the KNU controlled Win Tar Pan village, Bilin township.

“Fourteen military council’s soldiers were killed and at least nine wounded. That number could be more than that. There is no injury from the KNU/KNLA side”, said a KNLA commander on the battle frontline. 

On 24 October, the first clash took place at 4:50 am between Htee Nyar Lu village, Wan Bae In village, Indaw village, and Wanbae Inn village, followed by the second round near Saw Bina village at 7.30 am, with the third round of clash occurring between Htone Bo Gyi village and Htone Bo Lay village at 9:05 am. The last clash was said to have happened at 9:55 am between Htone Bo Lay village and Wi Yaw village. 

Later at the end of a series of clashes, the military council’s troops of LIB 201 under brigade 22 led by company commander Kyaw Zin Hla were said to have stationed inside the monastery in Htone Bo Lay village. The 201 Light Infantry Battalion fired 60 mm artillery shells which landed in the middle of Htone Bo Gyi village and exploded near Naw Saung Bu’s house, causing lots of damages. 

Owing to the constant military operations by coup d’état forces operations coupled by the human rights violations in the Thaton district area under the control of KNU’s Brigade 1, a total of 30 skirmishes have already occurred.



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