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A paralysed man is murdered at the military operation in Karen State

Yangon (Chindwin): With many lives harmed by the continued war in Myanmar, the State military council’s soldiers have killed a paralysed man in Karen State. 

U Myint Aung, a villager from Ywa Thit village in Dooplaya district – an area controlled by KNU/KNLA in Karen State, was arrested at the military council’s operations in an attempt to gain territory control in the area and was killed on 19 October. 

The slain U Myint Aung is known to be a paralysed man and was reportedly arrested by the junta’s army after the military council’s soldiers destroyed his home and car on that day. Later, his body was found wrapped in a snakeskin bag. 

Myanmar military made an offensive onslaught in Ywa Thit village and its surrounding area. The military forces all villagers to flee their homes for safety. 

Decomposed body recovered by the villagers at Ywa Thit village. Photo via KO News.

“All the villagers had to flee that day. He lost one of his legs and could not run like everyone else. At first, we thought he would be arrested and released after being questioned. Today, the body is taken out of the snakeskin bag and covered with a blanket. Only when I saw the prosthesis did I know that it was U Myint Aung. I feel bad. He has left one daughter,” said a resident to KO news – a local media outlet. 


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