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At least 100 junta soldiers killed in the four-day battles in Kayah State

Yangon – The four-day battles in Shan Kayah borders in Moebye and Pekhon have left at least 100 Myanmar’s junta soldiers killed and dozens wounded, according to Moebye – People Defense Force. 

The battle started at 11:00 am on 16 February in Moebye area as local alliance forces (Moebye – PDF, DMO – PDF and KNDF – BO – 3 and KGZ) has carried out defensive welfare against the advancing military junta forces with heavy reinforcement and several armoured tanks. 

Moebye – People Defense Force is in action at battlefront. Photo/Moebye – PDF

The junta army current in operation is known as Light Infantry Battalion – 422 and Light Infantry Battalion – 54 has been assisting the ground troops with heavy artillery shelling. 

The raging battles for the last four days have claimed at least nine comrades of local alliance forces.

The junta army has conducted aerial raids and bombing every day in Kayah state and southern Shan state ever since. 

At least 40 special trained paratroopers from the airborne division have been sent to Kayah State with two airplanes by the junta army. 

Dozens of special forces are sent through the Thanlyin waterway to assist the Loikaw and Moebye area ground troops. 

As the military junta is building up massive forces in Kayah State, the intense clash is expected to occur at any minute. 


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