Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Danny Fenster, a US journalist released after spending over five months in notorious Insein prison

Melbourne (Chindwin) : Danny Fenster, a US journalist who previously worked for Frontier Myanmar, has been released, and subsequently exiled by the Myanmar military council on 15 November, today.

Fenster, 37, who was the managing editor of Frontier Myanmar, was arrested at Yangon International Airport on 24 May.

He was charged with Section 124 (a) of Myanmar’s Penal Code punishable up to 20 years and Section 50 (a) of the Counter-Terrorism Law.

Mr. Frenster was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment by the Myanmar military’s court-martial on 12 November.

Three days after his sentence, Mr. Frenster was released from the Insein prison and subsequently exiled from Myanmar on 15 November.

“We are relieved that Danny is finally out of prison-somewhere he never should have been in the first place,” said Frontier Editor-in-Chef Thomas Kean.

“We also recognize Danny is one of many journalists in Myanmar who have been unjustly arrested simply for doing their job since the February coup. We call on the military regime to release all of the journalists who remain behind bars in Myanmar,” Mr. Kean continues.

Hundreds of journalists have been currently facing trials and long-term imprisonment following the military coup early this year.


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