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Dozens of the Rohingya Muslims arrested for illegal traveling

Myanmar military authorities arrested a total of seventy-seven Rohingya Muslims in Taungup Township for “illegal traveling” to Yangon on December 22.

The 77 Rohingya Muslims, including 49 women, 17 men, and 11 children, from Maungdaw Township of Rakhine State who were on their way to Yangon, were arrested on Padaung-Taungup Road by the Myanmar authorities in Taungup Township for illegal traveling.

According to a local source, one of the arrestees, a fourteen-year-old boy, died with the unknown causes of his death.

The 77 Rohingya were packed in chicken baskets and transported with a six wheels truck and arrested on the way to Yangon in Tuangup township.
The Rohingya Muslims are one of the most oppressed ethnic minority groups in Myanmar and they are denied freedom of movement by the successive government of Myanmar.

In November, the local authorities arrested 228 Rohingya Muslims and 109 out of 228 Rohingyas were sentenced to five years imprisonment for illegal traveling.


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