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Government of Karenni has issued emergency warning for its people; Myanmar

Yangon – Ministry of Home Affairs by the Government of Karenni has issued an emergency warning for Karenni people as Myanmar’s junta has continued the bombardment of its airstrike in Kayah State since 06 January 2022. 

The statement details six civilians killed, including three civilians and three medical volunteer staff during the airstrike in Demoso Township and Hparuso Township on 16 January 2022. 

Emergency Statement issued by Ministry of Home Affairs by Government of Karenni

The statement urges all people of Karenni to prepare as the following urgently; 

  1. building bunker for shelter based on the family size with proper thick wooden
  2. giving each other a warning when hearing the fighter jet or helicopter, 
  3. not to go out while the fighter get is hovering over the town, 
  4. not to travel while security situation is being intensified and run to where the safety is, 
  5. contact organization that helps those stuck in towns or villages and share each other the right information. 

Kayah has been the epicentre of the battle between Myanmar’s junta army and Karenni Defense Forces recently. As a result, the junta’s air force raids airstrike daily against Demoso Township and Hparuso Township, and targets hit include civilian properties and IDP camp. 

This emergency statement is issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Karenni this time although normal statements are issued by Karenni National Defense Force and Karenni Army.


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