Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Malaysia is set to deport hundreds of Myanmar nationals

(Kuala Lumpur): The Embassy of Myanmar in Kuala Lumpur has confirmed today that the representative of Myanmar and his team had met with the Deputy Director of the Department of Immigration of Malaysia and his team on issues relating to the deportation of Myanmar nationals in Kuala Lumpur city, Malaysia.

Myanmar Embassy in Kuala Lumpur says the meeting has taken place due to the invitation of Department of Immigration.

The meeting is aimed at discussing the matter of deportation for 135 Myanmar nationals who have been stuck in Malaysian immigration detention since 23 February 2021.

Also, during the meeting, the Malaysian authorities discuss the fast facilitation of deportation for many other Myanmar nationals currently being detained in the immigration detention camps across Malaysia.

Myanmar refugee communities in Kuala Lumpur fear that the Malaysian authorities will deport hundreds of Myanmar refugees in this scheme.


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