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Myanmar army rapes a disabled person, brutally murdered and thrown in the bush

Yangon  –  A disabled person identified as Shwe Ah, aged 50, was arrested in Hmantaw village in the southern area of Kalaymyo in Myanmar’s northwest when the junta army stormed the town on 29 January 2022. 

Mr U Shwe Ah’s body was found with signs of rape, and severe wounds of torture at around 9:00 am on 01 February near the pagoda, which belongs to Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) at the village.

Being mute at birth, the victim has no family and siblings in the village. He has been well taken care of by the whole village, our source who knows this person and speaks to Chindwin on the condition of anonymity for his security concerns.

Though being a disabled person, he is very much loved by all the villagers and many who know him are heartbroken. This killing of Mr Shwe Ah has angered people around Kalaymyo areas and will energised the local People Defense Forces, our source added.

Chindwin has learned the villages came all together and paid proper burial service for the beloved person, on 03 February 2022. 

Many inhabitants at the village, including surrounding villages, have been running into the jungles on and off as military junta often made an offensive against local People Defense Forces in the area. 

On 01 February, the junta army has threatened villagers in Natchaung – a village that is not too far from Hmandaw village, saying that the junta army will burn the village and destroy livelihoods as long as People Defense Forces are active in the area.


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