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Myanmar military forces children of its soldiers to have military training; Source

Yangon – With the Myanmar military losing big enough at all fronts over the war waged against its civilians following the military coup on 01 February 2021, children of soldiers aged below 12 at military camps are forced to learn military skills such as firing live ammunition of heavy weapons, according to our source inside the military who requested anonymity for her security reason. 

Our source reveals that children do not want to have military training and want to run away from the military camp, but they cannot pass the highly guarded gates.

Although it is learned that the regional area for this new campaign giving the minor kids military training is the Sagaing region, Chindwin cannot independently investigate the full extent of the junta’s rollout of giving its soldiers’ children military training. 

Earlier in September, several media have confirmed the forcible military training of spouses of frontline soldiers, with many wives of the soldiers refusing to have military training. 

A former government’s high-ranked officer, who does not give Chindwin permission to mention his name, tells Chindwin that the military junta has been losing badly over the last three months, making a tsunami impact upon Myanmar’s Armed Force. So, the junta will attempt any possible means to find new recruits.

Yesterday, in desperate efforts to find new recruits, the junta calls for applications via its daily newspaper to join Air Force with just grade 6, which the military only accepted for those passing matriculation exam and those who want to join infantry with grade 4. 


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